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Storage heaters are electric heaters that store thermal energy by heating up internal ceramic bricks during the night, and then use this to heat your home during the day. Storage heaters are primarily designed for customers who are on a time-of-use electricity tariff, such as Economy 7, who pay a cheaper rate for their energy during the night (usually 12-7am). Using a storage heater allows consumers on the presented fares to use low-cost off-peak electricity to heat their home during day time. As electricity is more expensive than gas, storage heaters are only cost-effective if the household is off the gas grid.


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Manual storage heaters


The most economical & simple category of storage heater. Manual prototypes store energy at night and release heat habitually in the course of the day. It will continue successively even if the area is already very warm, except if it is turned off manually.

Automatic storage heaters


Automatic models have an integral thermostat which controls the volume of thermal energy stored depending on the temperature. An automatic model can benefit you by saving an additional 15% off your energy bills.

Automatic combination storage heaters


Automatic combination storage heaters syndicate a storage heater and a customary electric heater in one exterior. The convector heater can be switched on at any time to offer a increase in warmth when required. Combination heaters necessitate a lasting power source, and are best for large or eventful rooms where a storage heater alone is inadequate.

Quantum storage heaters


This is a fan-assisted storage heater & use less electricity and tend to be inexpensive in comparison with other models. Quantum heaters offer a distinct LCD control panel and allows you customised heating programmes to suit your means. Presently, the sole manufacturers to offer these models are Dimplex, Creda and Heatstore.

Fan-assisted storage heaters


Integrating a silent fan, the storage heaters have more than double the insulation of standard storage heaters. Fan-assisted storage heaters are usually part of an automatic combination model, but they can be found in a couple of automatic ranges (Dimplex FXLi and Creda TSF Turbo) and one manual range (Dimplex VFM).

Storage heater features

Common useful storage heater features include:

  • Boost function – some storage heaters have a boost function to provide extra warmth
  • Fan assist – a number of storage heaters, usually auto-combination models, include a silent fan that helps to dispel heat more efficiently
  • Programmable heating schedules – Newer storage heaters permits you to set customised heating patterns, just as you would with gas central heating
  • size – if your room is large, or not very energy efficient, you may need a larger storage heater to warm it effectively
  • Thermostatic controls – some heaters come with thermostatic controls, which will keep the temperature of the room at your chosen temperature.