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Room in Roof Insulation :

Room in Roof Insulation is a specialised insulation solution designed for homes with converted lofts or attic rooms. This innovative insulation technique ensures optimal energy efficiency, improved comfort, and reduced heating costs for these unique spaces. By insulating the roof and walls of your converted room. This insulation helps maintain a consistent temperature, eliminate drafts, and enhances the overall energy performance.

Our Service:

Room in Roof Insulation can be efficiently installed with minimal disruption, often taking less than a day to complete. The insulation is securely affixed to the walls and ceiling of the room, followed by the installation of plasterboard and plastering, preparing the space for any desired decorative finishes. Our knowledgeable assessors will guide you through the entire installations process and assess the available grant funding that you may be eligible for.

Room in Roof insulation can be completed with minimal interruption, with the work taking less than a day in many cases. Insulation is secured to the walls and ceiling of the room, plasterboard is then installed over the insulation and plastered ready for any decoration works. Your assessor will be able to explain the full installation process to you, and calculate any grant funding that is available to you. The majority of installations are currently being completed a little or no cost to you.

There are two distinct types of ‘Room in Roof’ applications available:


Loft Room Insulation Grant:

This type of application applies to a loft room that can be accessed via a fixed staircase. It involves converting the entire loft area, including the sloped eaves if the property has a pitched roof, into a liveable space. The internal area of the room is meticulously insulated using state-of-the-art materials and advanced techniques to ensure optimal energy efficiency and comfort.

Attic Room Insulation Grant:

In the case of an attic room, which is also accessed via a fixed staircase, the eaves area of the loft is squared off to create a box room at the centre. The external area surrounding this box room is then insulated using the latest materials and techniques. This approach ensures that the entire attic space is efficiently insulated, enhancing energy performance, and providing a comfortable living environment.

By categorising the applications into Loft Room Insulation and Attic Room Insulation grants, we can tailor the insulation process to suit the specific design and requirements of your roof space.


See below for further details on the ECO Scheme Grant.

Advantages of Room in Roof Insulation:


  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Room in Roof insulation creates a thermal barrier, preventing heat loss and reducing energy consumption. This results in lower heating costs and improved energy efficiency for your converted loft or attic room.
  • Increased Comfort: By effectively insulating the walls, ceiling, and floors of your room in the roof, this insulation helps maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature. It eliminates cold spots and drafts, ensuring a cosy living space throughout the year.
  • Noise Reduction: Room in Roof insulation also offers soundproofing benefits. It helps minimize external noise, creating a quieter environment within your attic room, allowing for a more peaceful and enjoyable living experience.
  • Quick Installation: The installation process for Room in Roof insulation is typically efficient and can often be completed within a day. This means minimal disruption to your daily routine and a swift transformation of your attic space into a comfortable living area.
  • Value Addition to Property: Installing Room in Roof insulation not only improves the energy efficiency and comfort of your attic room but also adds value to your property. Potential buyers will appreciate the added insulation, making it an attractive feature when selling your home.

FREE Room in Roof Insulation under the ECO Grants:


Thanks to the newly introduced ECO Grant Scheme under Government regulations, we can now provide our services to you completely free of charge. This service has been made possible through Government Funding in Britain, specifically the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. Under the scheme, larger energy suppliers are required to implement energy-efficient measures in residential properties.

The ECO Grant Scheme aims to address the challenges posed by high energy costs and inflation in Britain. It specifically targets low-income households, individuals facing financial difficulties, and those residing in properties with poor energy efficiency. By offering our free services, we aim to enhance the energy performance of homes, reduce energy bills, and contribute to the nation’s sustainability objectives by minimising carbon dioxide emissions.

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