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Storage heaters are electrical heating devices that store thermal energy by heating internal ceramic bricks overnight. This stored heat is then released during the day to provide warmth in your home. These heaters are particularly suitable for customers who are on time-of-use electricity tariffs, such as Economy 7, where they benefit from lower energy rates during the night hours (typically 12-7am).

By using a storage heater, customers on these tariffs can take advantage of the cheaper off-peak electricity to heat their homes during the daytime. It is worth noting that storage heaters are more cost-effective for households that do not have access to natural gas, as electricity tends to be more expensive.

Advantages of Storage Heaters:


  • Cost-effective heating: Storage heaters are particularly beneficial for households that are off the gas grid. By utilizing low-cost off-peak electricity during the night, they can provide an efficient and cost-effective heating solution.
  • Time-of-use electricity tariffs: Storage heaters are designed to work seamlessly with time-of-use electricity tariffs, such as Economy 7. These tariffs offer reduced rates during off-peak hours, allowing users to take advantage of cheaper electricity for heating their homes.


  • Heat retention: The internal ceramic bricks in storage heaters have excellent heat retention properties. They can absorb and store heat during the night and gradually release it throughout the day, providing a consistent and comfortable level of warmth.


  • Control and flexibility: Modern storage heaters come equipped with advanced controls, allowing users to adjust heat output and timings based on their specific requirements. This gives homeowners greater flexibility and control over their heating systems.


  • No plumbing or gas connections required: As storage heaters are electrically powered, they do not require any plumbing or gas connections. This makes installation and maintenance easier and more convenient compared to other heating systems.


  • Reduced carbon footprint: Storage heaters can contribute to a lower carbon footprint, especially if electricity in your area is sourced from renewable energy. By using electricity for heating, you can reduce reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly home.



  • Silent operation: Storage heaters operate silently, without any noisy fans or pumps. This ensures a peaceful and quiet environment in your home, particularly during the night when you may be sleeping.


FREE Boiler Replacement under the ECO Grants:


Thanks to the newly introduced ECO Grant Scheme under Government regulations, we can now provide our services to you completely free of charge. This service has been made possible through Government Funding in Britain, specifically the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. Under the scheme, larger energy suppliers are required to implement energy-efficient measures in residential properties.


The ECO Grant Scheme aims to address the challenges posed by high energy costs and inflation in Britain. It specifically targets low-income households, individuals facing financial difficulties, and those residing in properties with poor energy efficiency. By offering our free services, we aim to enhance the energy performance of homes, reduce energy bills, and contribute to the nation’s sustainability objectives by minimising carbon dioxide emissions.


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