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Solar makes energy independence possible. If you have any questions or need help, contact with our team, or you can call us any time.

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By using solar panels, you can reduce your electricity bill and will reduce the carbon footprint.Solar panels don’t need direct bright sunlight in order to work. They can still generate you some electricity even on a cloudy day. You can use this generated power to run lighting and other household items.


• Reduce electricity bills – You just have to pay for the initial installation. Sunlight is a natural energy source and it will always be free hence your costs will go down. • Get paid for the extra electricity you generate – The extra electricity you generate will be sent back to the main grid. In this way, your roof will work as a power plant for the national grid and you will receive payment for that extra power generated. • Save the Environment – Usually, you can save around 2 tonnes of carbon per year if you install a solar system to power your house. As solar power is a green renewable energy, this will not release any CO2 or other harmful gases.