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RJM Insulation Limited: Building a Greener Future with Energy-Saving Solutions

RJM Insulation Limited, operating since 2010, is a leading provider of energy-saving solutions in the UK. With a track record of successfully insulating over 15,000 houses, our professional team covers the areas of west and south west England, including Surrey.

Our company was founded on the vision of Mr. Madawala, driven by the ambition to create a profitable business that also contributes positively to the environment. Since its inception, RJM has become one of the top energy-saving solution providers in the UK, offering high-quality products and a dedication to advanced technologies.

At RJM, our core values revolve around continuous improvement, sustainability, and delivering excellence in our services. We have set new standards in the industry, raising the bar for quality and leaving our competition behind.

We attribute our success not only to our technological proficiency but also to our highly skilled workforce. Our assessors, installers, and solutions implementation teams are carefully selected from energy-related industries, ensuring their expertise and dedication to their craft.

Join us at RJM Insulation Limited, where our commitment to continuous improvement, sustainability, and excellence drives us to provide the best energy-saving solutions for our customers.

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Solar Panels

By using solar panels, you can reduce your electricity bill and will reduce the carbon footprint.Solar panels don’t need direct bright sunlight in order to work.

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Cavity Wall Insulation

Under Government regulations as per the newly introduced ECO grant, we are capable of providing our FREE services to you.

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Room in roof insulation

Room in Roof Insulation grants are now being offered as part of the government’s new Energy Companies Obligation scheme.

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Loft insulation

RJM Insulation Ltd operates under RJM Energy Solutions which is well established in the UK and have been servicing clients all over the UK.

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Storage heaters

Storage heaters are electric heaters that store thermal energy by heating up internal ceramic bricks during the night, and then use this to heat your home during the day.

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Boiler replacement

According to the Government funded energy efficiency scheme introduced in 2016, boiler grants are being allotted throughout the UK,

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